Sick Lizzie?
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    DefaultSick Lizzie?

    Lizzie -
    Teeth cleaning on Friday, ate half dinner no problem. Saturday AM ate breakfast no issues. Saturday PM she ate dinner - barfed up entire thing 3 hours later. Kibble was barely digested. Sunday AM will not touch her food.

    In the meantime - Kyle - who she really bonded with - left on Friday for school while she was at the doctor (remember this is basically what happened with her previous owner - he was there - and then he was gone). Last night I think she realized he isn't here - she has her moments of labrador enthusiasm and excitement but a bit mopey and subdued - same this AM - not quite the same cheerful girl.

    And final kicker - its a new bag of food. I offered her Cooper's food to see if that would entice her - but she didnt touch that either - so I don't think its the food and she has never been picky before.

    Is this a grieving issue that I need to let work its course? Or is it something I should call the vet about? Should I try to make her a chicken/rice combo to entice her to eat? She is already thin - I hate for her to miss meals. I know to make sure that she stays hydrated.

    With edit - she did poop this morning - first a solid one, then a second little bit squishy residue - didnt look mucosy just like loose stool. Cooper got into the trash yesterday morning - I dont think Lizzie was involved in that escapade but its always something to consider.

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    DefaultRe: Sick Lizzie?

    i'd go with rice and ground beef or chicken for a meal or 2. She probably just has an upset tummy. If she refuses that and or continues to vomit - I would get a vet check.

    As for the absence of your son, she will probably miss him a bit - but with other household members around and her home intact - she will be OK.


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