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    DefaultRed Watery Eye Question

    What's up everybody? Long time no post, but I was wondering if anybody here has dealt with their Labbie's eye being red, droopy, and watery. Only one of Logan's eyes is doing this, and it just popped up last night. He is 2 years old and in great health.

    He swims in the river once a day, and rolls and frolics in wooded areas at least once a day too. I am wondering if he caught something somewhere.

    Any help would be great!

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    DefaultRe: Red Watery Eye Question

    Is the conjunctiva inflamed? He could have gotten poked in the eye or it could be the early stages of pink eye (conjunctvitis). Or something else completely.

    If it persists I would see the vet.

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    DefaultRe: Red Watery Eye Question

    I just had a similar problem with my lab. She woke up one morning and the third eyelid was red and droopy and her eye was watering. I took her to a vet opthalmolgist and she was diagnosed with something called Horners syndrome. Which there is no treatment for but it took about three months to look somewhat normal again. I don't know that this is what you are experiencing but just thought I would share the info. I hope your dogs eye is better soon.

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    DefaultRe: Red Watery Eye Question

    Have you tried to clean his eyes?
    Try using a warm, wet cloth. Then flush with saline solution. Obviously, this won't "cure" anything, but it will help if there is some foreign body in there. FWIW, I try to do this fairly often even if her eyes are in good shape. Same goes for her ears.


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