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    Our 13 wk old pup has gotten really into her "flexible" Nylabone, and is actually eating/ingesting it. She's eaten off the knuckle ends entirely. I've pulled a few little pieces from her mouth - mostly "rice" to "pea" sized, but the rest she's swallowed. Is it safe to eat? She doesn't seem interested in the "durable" Nylabones, which are harder and I assume not as easy to bite up and eat. Thanks!

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    I personally don't give Nylabones anymore - Caspian is an avid chewer who chews hunks off (Large chunks - golf ball sized - from both the more flexible and harder bones) With him, they sit in the stomach and collect whatever he's been eating. After a day or so, he barfs up a big wad of kibble, meat, string and a big hunk of plastic in the middle. I decided with him it's not the best toy.

    As long as the chunks are small, there shouldn't be a problem, and the plasticy stuff should pass with no problem. If you notice her throwing up, and there is plasticy stuff in the center, I would probably avoid giving her more.

    Hope that helps a little

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    I don't use the flexible ones. The beauty of the Nylabone is that it gives a good chew challenge without coming apart. I'd discard the flexible ones and just have the harder ones around - if she wants to chew bad enough she will use them.

    And the nylon just does pass through their system - my boys chew off shavings - their bones last for months and months.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    I have the same bone at home as well, I noticed blood on it after
    Champ had chewed on it for a couple of days. I guess the plastic after
    him chewing was so rough it was cutting up the insides of his mouth.

    I put it up for a while, and he found it and started chewing on it again.
    I havent noticed any broken teeth, but its gone when I get home from

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    Hunter was going through those soft nylabones very quickly so we stopped giving them to him as well. He also goes through anything plush in about 10 minutes flat.

    Since realizing this I've really tried to spend the bulk of our dog toy budget on durable toys, while buying him something plush he can destroy if the price is right.

    He likes this toy because it is hard for him to get to the soft rubbery part because the tennis balls are in the way. http://www.petsmart.com/product/inde...07085&lmdn=Dog

    This is probably ihs favorite chew toy as of lately. He certainly enjoys the treats, but they are a little pricey. Even without the treats on it, the bone is soft enough for him to enjoy chewing it, but not so soft he's taking off chunks. He's basically just getting shavings off at the moment which is probably ideal. http://www.petsmart.com/product/inde...40998&lmdn=Dog

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