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    DefaultWhole Life Chicken treats

    Has anyone here fed your dog Whole Life treats? They are 100% pure meat, freeze dried, no additives or preservatives. Well, I just gave a few to Breezy, and shortly after she puked big time. Huge pile of barf, everything in her came up. I'm not sure why she would have puked. I suppose it IS possible that the humid weather may have contributed to her getting sick? We were outside at the time. Also, just a warning...........I found a couple of small pieces of bone in one of the treats when I was getting them out of the bag. I'm glad it was ME who found it and not Breezy! Nowhere on the bag is there any warning to be careful of this possibly happening.
    I've contacted the company to let them know.

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    DefaultRe: Whole Life Chicken treats

    They sound like good treats to me. Maybe they were too rich for her in addition to the humidity?

    I don't think the small pieces of bone are a concern. I sometimes buy Nature's Variety raw dog food, there are raw chunks of bones in there as well AND I've also cooked it fully before with the bones per my vet...no problems either way, they are very small pieces.


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