Help getting puppy to eat
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Thread: Help getting puppy to eat

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    Hi everyone,

    We just got Bailey on Friday and he's going to be 9 weeks old tommorrow. When we went to the vet we found out that he has two types of worms and coccidia so he's on two different medications right now. One is a powder that we put on his food and the other is a pill that he should only take after eating. The problem is, he hasn't had much of an appetite since we brought him home probably from being scared about changing homes as well as being sick. The thing is, if I handfeed him or sometimes even put some of it on the floor he will usually eat it but when we put the bowl of food down for him he is totally uninterested. We tried switching to a smaller bowl but that only worked for one meal and he won't eat out of that one either anymore except for a few bites now and then. He is drinking a lot so I'm glad that he's at least staying hydrated but I'm worried about his eating especially since he needs to get this medicine in him to start feeling better. Also, I know it's starting a bad habit for me to handfeed him but I just feel so sorry for him. He's still playful and seems okay otherwise but I was hoping someone might have some advice for me.
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    DefaultRe: Help getting puppy to eat

    Soak the food in warm water to make it more palatable. It will also hide the powder medicine better. Also, a teaspoon of canned often does the trick too.


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