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    DefaultDislocated shoulders,

    as in two, not one!

    Hi -- I was recommended here from a poodle board, since I was told labs suffer from the same problem as my Ricky. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Ricky is a 3-1/2 year old miniature poodle, and I fondly call him my 'lemon'. I got him at four months from what turned out to be an unethical breeder (she did not breed him, but brokered him, and did not share this until after the fact), and he had to have LP surgery at six months on his right rear leg.

    He has seemingly been fine since -- he is very active, and loves nothing more than playing tug of war and running for tennis balls. He came up lame a few days ago, and I thought broken leg. The vet said no, more like a shoulder sprain, and when he came back with the x-rays, he said he was 'surprised'.

    It turns out Ricky has been living with two dislocated shoulders. The vet indicated it was genetic, since the normal groove in the shoulder bones are missing, as it was in his rear leg. The bones are side by side, and I have been told he is walking thanks to the muscles and tendons holding his shoulders together?

    Since I was quite upset, I didn't ask all my questions of the vet, instead have been speaking at Ortho Dogs, the poodle board, and now here.

    My options, as I understand them: do nothing or operate on both legs.

    We are seeing the vet again later this week, after he talks to an orthopedic peer. I have been to AMC in NYC with Ricky for his rear leg surgery, and of course would get a second (and third and tenth) opinion if I go the surgery route. I am loathe to have him undergo surgery, it seems drastic.

    Is there any experience with this issue here? If so, what has been the usual course of action?

    Thank you for your advice and counsel.

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    DefaultRe: Dislocated shoulders,

    Thankfully no experience there, but thanks for sharing the story. If just one person learns from this on how not to buy a puppy, it's worth it.

    There is an Orthodogs list on Yahoo I think. Maybe someone here can give you a link. Good luck!

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014


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