Using Revolution & Still seeing signs of Mange...Possible?
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Thread: Using Revolution & Still seeing signs of Mange...Possible?

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    DefaultUsing Revolution & Still seeing signs of Mange...Possible?

    I've had Gertie on Revolution since May (just had 3rd dose)
    Vet said it would clear up any signs of mange (also had 1 dose of
    Ivermectin in May just to make sure)
    She still shows some hair loss around the ear trim and now
    she's losing her hair by her left eye.
    Is it possible that this is still mange? I'm thinking some sort of allergy...but
    why is she only losing hair in the "classic sarcoptic" spots? Then I think, maybe mange?
    My other lab is fine. Makes me think, not mange.

    I'm driving myself crazy. I hate to drag her back to the vet to have him give me more mange treatments.

    What would you do at this point??

    Thank you for your opinions.

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    DefaultRe: Using Revolution & Still seeing signs of Mange...Possible?

    From Revolution's medical information insert:

    Sarcoptic Mange Treatment in Dogs
    For the treatment of sarcoptic mange (S. scabiei) in dogs, Revolution should be administered
    once as a single topical dose. A second monthly dose may be required in some dogs. Monthly
    use of Revolution will control any subsequent sarcoptic mange mite infestations. Because of the
    difficulty in finding sarcoptic mange mites on skin scrapings, effectiveness assessments also
    were based on resolution of clinical signs. Resolution of the pruritus associated with the mite
    infestations was observed in approximately 50% of the dogs 30 days after the first treatment and
    in approximately 90% of the dogs 30 days after the second monthly treatment.
    Pruritus is just a fancy way of saying itching. Basically, Revolution's claim is only that 50% of dogs appear cured after one dose and 90% of dogs appeared cured after two doses. That still leaves 10% who did not appear cured after two doses. I'd go back to the vet and talk about an alternate treatment plan.


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