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    DefaultFood help, please

    I'm hoping someone can give some input regarding the food issues we are having with Piper (5 1/2) as I've never really had to worry about changing her food or finding something new.

    She has always eaten ProPlan Chicken and Rice and seemed to be doing very well on it. However, over the past few months we felt she had been scratching a lot more, her eyes were runny and she would really try to roll and scratch her ears on walks. Our vet felt it might be allergies and recommended changing her food. We went with Wellness Whitefish and Sweet Potato.

    The changover went very well and she seemed to be doing well on it (stools were a bit softer but not a big deal) - but now over the past few weeks she does not seem interested in the food. We got a new bag to make sure it wasn't stale and she although she turned her nose up at the kibble she would eat other treats or even a handful of her old kibble. Her patterns seem to be come down and sniff it but not eat it immediately - her breakfast would usually be eaten by the time I came home in the evening or she would eventually eat her dinner later in the night. Then to completely confuse us - she sometimes eats it right away.

    In the beginning we did not pander to her and if she didn't eat it that was it as we didn't want her to be allowed to get away with being too picky but it has continued to go on and I really think she just doesn't like this food. She had her annual check up last night and we are not really concerned health wise as she seems fine and will eat other food. Her weight is fine at 64 pounds - so no worries there.

    I've been looking for ideas of what to switch to - we are still trying to keep hypo-allergenic/grain free (and staying away from Chicken or Lamb for now) as we are initially concerned about the allergies. I had thought Wellness had made a dry Duck or Venison recipe but I'm not finding it. I know people here feed Solid Gold or Kirland (I'm in Canada so I think I can get that at Costco)

    I know there is a lot of info about dog food and anlaysis out on the internet but I have no idea what should be believed - I'd rather hear first hand accounts and try to go from there.

    I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts or suggestions!

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    DefaultRe: Food help, please

    I'm going through a similar problem with our chocolate lab Coco. I'm currently trying the Solid Gold, but have noticed a similar reaction much like you mentioned. Itching under her chin, also rolling and scratching her ears on carpet or grass. Her weight is 61 pounds and the vet says she is at a perfect weight.I wish I could help you, but at this time it sounds as though we are both in the same boat. I will be sure to keep you posted on how things work out for us. Maybe between the two of us we will figure this out.

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    DefaultRe: Food help, please

    She's at the age where she will be less interested in food. Less than 1% of all dogs actually have food allergies and they don't usually occur until between the ages of 1 and 3 years of I am going to disagree with your vet on this one. She could have environmental allergies...tis the season for that.

    Stop leaving her bowl down all day. Start out with the amount that you normally would feed her. Put down the bowl and whatever she eats in 15 minutes is what she gets for that feeding. Even if it's just one bite. Pick up her dish an put it away until the next feeding. Don't add anything to it...even if she ate all but two mouth fulls. Put down the bowl and give her 15 minutes. Whatever she eats she eats. That's it. A healthy dog will not starve itself, but you'll create a picky eater if you switch foods often or allow her to graze all day.
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    DefaultRe: Food help, please

    :gum: Angel has had skin issues also. New Vet says 99% sure its a staph infection. but she is on her second course of antibiotics. We decided ( due to coat and skin condition ) to change her food from Blue Buffalo Organics to Natural Balance potato and duck. She loves it but is not much of a dry kibble eater. I must say, I can't blame her- I wouldn't want to eat something that resembles dry cereal every day either. So, I mix it with 2 T of NB potato and duck canned food. Of course she gets 2T of plain white yogurt on her food everyday for probiotics. She is doing well on this. It may work for your pooch too at her age ( not that she is old at all) to give her a little moisture- may entice her to eat. Angel gobbles down her meals in typical lab fashion- inhale. Good Luck

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    DefaultRe: Food help, please

    Angel has had skin issues also. New Vet says 99% sure its a staph infection. but she is on her second course of antibiotics.
    Why in the world guess and give a course of antibiotics based on a guess?

    My vets at KSU's CollVetMed, whenever they've suspected staph, have taken a skin scraping and definitively tested it within minutes.
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