Intermittent vomiting
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    Hey, everybody. I got a question for you.

    Martta has thrown up three times within the past 3 weeks. A couple of times of those in the evening about an hour two after her evening kibble, so indigested mostly. Otherwise she is her bouncy self. Hasn't eaten grass (more than normal) or anything else from outside that I am aware of. After the vomiting I have had the day without food and they slowly with rice back to her kibble. No new brand or anything.

    Any of your labs have this happen? This often, I mean. I plan on calling the vet in the morning (it's almost 11pm) and ask what they think, if I should have her checked over.

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    DefaultRe: Intermittent vomiting

    I'd say have your pup checked out by the vet. Gracie experienced something similar, along with loose stools and inappetite. After testing it turns out she had a bad case of too much clostridium perfringens (normally occurring bacteria - just too much of it) in her digestive tract. She started antibiotics and a bland diet on Monday and she's already back to her normal self.


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