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    DefaultParvo etc.

    I will adding a new chocolate Lab puppy to the household in about 3 weeks. What precautions health-wise do I need to be cautious of and what advise does someone have for me. Do I need to keep my current high energy dog confined to the house and if so, how long?

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    DefaultRe: Parvo etc.

    I am sure there are alot more "careful" people on the board than me. I would say NONE. Even when we had our litter, I still took mom and the 2 older dogs on 2 walks daily. The 2 older dogs didn't have contact with the pups, but mom did and no one got sick. We live in a rather secluded, dog-friendly neighborhood. People here are top notch on caring for their dogs. So I was fairly certain my dogs wouldn't carry germs home from other dogs. I know some diseases can live in the ground, but mom passed the good antibodies on and with the routine vaccinations when it was time, I felt like the pups were safe enough.

    I think the most important thing when introducing a puppy to the household is keeping the routine as normal as possible. Your current dog probably thrives on routine, and if you suddenly keep him from doing his normal things which may include walks, play sessions, trips, it might not be very good for him as he gets used to the new pup in the house.

    Even when we had just our first, and we got our second, and she wasn't old enough to go to the dog park, my DH would take them BOTH to the dog park, and Maddy would nap in her kennel in the car while DH played with Hudler in the park. When she turned 4 months, she was allowed to go into the park too. She never got sick.

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    DefaultRe: Parvo etc.

    I'd be careful about your high energy one playing too rough and hurting the pup. I have 6 spanning 4 generations, and despite being "fairly" careful (and very aware), I've still had some bumps. Nothing worse than a puppy coming up limping because an older one hit it full speed.

    Basically, rule of thumb is if you can't supervise, don't let them play together.

    Oh, I am careful about parvo but I live in a mecca of it.... I do socialize my pups, but in safe places like Home Depot, Sportsmans' warehouse, my fruit company clients' facilities, etc. No public parks, no Petco's, etc..

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