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    Default*Happy Dances* Normal Stool

    Well I got up this morning with Sawyer and got the others and we all went outside. Well since I got him a few days ago he had really soft runny stools. My mom who gets along with my crappy neighbors asked what they had fed him. They said that he had italian sausage and some other people food Saterday and that was it > .

    Well this morning he had his first normal bowel movement . I have never been so happy to see a poo in my life lmao. Its funny what actual DOG FOOD will do for a puppies stomach .

    Anyways yes I was so excited I wanted to share lol.
    Sawyer And Morrison

    Lab/Basset Hound (maybe some Beagle)

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    DefaultRe: *Happy Dances* Normal Stool

    YAY for normal poop!!!!


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