skin creams??????????
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Thread: skin creams??????????

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    Defaultskin creams??????????

    Charlie has an ongoing seasonal allergies, scratching quite a bit. We do have some skin creams from the vet to help clear up some of his irratations. does anyone have any success with any people creams such as polysporin, lanacaine? We also give him 1 Benedryl a day which seems to help a bit.


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    DefaultRe: skin creams??????????

    Is it for sure seasonal? You can give him more than 1 benadryl/day. Maybe one in the am and one in the pm. Creams won't help a dog's coat. What are you feeding? Maybe feed a fish based food during the worst times or try giving oatmeal baths occasionally. If there is a particular area that he is scratching/licking, the vet can give you a spray to help with the itching. I got some for Dutch back in the spring.

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    DefaultRe: skin creams??????????

    If the dog has sores from itching you can use pure aloe vera gel. It is very good at healing the sores.

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    Tundra Aries Guest

    DefaultRe: skin creams??????????

    I got some for Dutch back in the spring
    I got some for Aries too.


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