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    Defaultarthritis pain relief

    As you can see from my previous posts, my 13 yr old lab is having adequan shots for aritritic problems with her hips.
    She is in some pain still maybe from the shots or just pain in general.
    The vet wants to give her Medcan but I am not sure if I can afford that on top of the shots, etc.
    Does anyone give their labs just plain old aspirin or bufferin ??

    Many years ago with our first lab, we gave him an aspirin a day which helped then.

    Any thoughts??

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    DefaultRe: arthritis pain relief

    I've used buffered aspirin and specifically Ascriptin for years with my lab and chessie. We finally had to 'graduate" to Rimadyl but I'd certainly try it first and see if it worked. I used one twice a day for an 85 lb dog but apparently its reasonably safe to use 1 three times a day. Just like people though, you have to watch for stomach issues.


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