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    Defaultadequan shots

    My 13 yr old lab has had 5 of the 8 adequan shots for arthritis in her back hips.
    The last one yesterday made her very weak in the back legs. We noticed this after she had been sleeping for awhile.
    Is this common?? I thought it was supposed to make her better not uncomfortable.
    Canada Day here today so I will have to wait to call the vet till tomorrow.
    Any thoughts on why or what to give her??

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    DefaultRe: adequan shots

    I won't be much help. I tried Adequan for Caleb and it didn't help...although my horse has been on it for three years. I once had a reaction with the horse in that she shivered for a few minutes. I never had an issue with Caleb taking it.
    Sorry this isn't of any help.


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