Up it all came?
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Thread: Up it all came?

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    DefaultUp it all came?

    So this am like any morning Denali ate his breakfast a little to fast I think because he puked it all up. Would giving him his heartguard and frontline prior to him eating make him sick? or was it cuse he ate way to fast? And no the heartguard was not thrown up.

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    DefaultRe: Up it all came?

    I don't think the Heartguard would cause this. The eating too fast did it. How often do you feed him? The reason I ask is a dog that eats its food this fast is in serious danger of bloat. Bloat is the #1 cause of death after cancer in large chested breeds such as a Lab. I would suggest feeding him three or four times a day, smaller amounts, and put a couple of hard rubber balls, like lacrosse balls in his feeding dish to slow him down.


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