Breezy is Scratching Up a Storm
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Thread: Breezy is Scratching Up a Storm

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    DefaultBreezy is Scratching Up a Storm

    Anybody else's Lab scratching like the dickens? We live in NJ and the weather lately is bouncing around from pleasant to really hot and humid. We have been keeping the AC on more than off. I'm wondering if the AC is making Breezy's skin dry? She scratches A LOT.
    Her coat is nice and shiny, but when I brush her I am noticing little white flakes, dandruff?
    I also noticed a little scabby spot between her shoulder blades that has some dried blood around it. It doesn't appear to be a tick. I switched her food to Wellness Core (grain free) and it has been about 3 weeks now that she is on just the Wellness. So I don't know if it's food related, environment, or what. I feel so bad for her scratching like that! Guess I should call the Vet. Any advice from you guys would be great as well!


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    DefaultRe: Breezy is Scratching Up a Storm

    Our Charlie has gone through the exact same thing in the past, scratching, dandruff, developed a "hotspot" had it treated by the vet. we figured it to a seasonal allergy and now we give him 1 benedryl a day and that really helps. He still scratches and has some dandruff but it has been drastically reduced.


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