possible peeing while asleep???
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Thread: possible peeing while asleep???

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    Defaultpossible peeing while asleep???

    My girl Corona is 2 years and 2 months old. very active and always wanting to play. She sometimes sleeps w/us in the bed if she wants. Woke up last night about 12 to her gumming the covers. she does this when she is really tired. I got up to put her in her crate. when I came back, boyfriend said she had peed in the bed. she has done this a couple other times. I know the last time she was on meds. She was pretty much herself yesterday. I got home about 1 and she came inside and passed out. Boyfriend puts her outside when he leaves for work. She played ball for about an hour last night. Ate a little bit but not too much. This morning before I left for work took her outside and she peed. I did notice that she had pooped on the porch last night. A) never does that. always in the back near the fence. She sleeps on the porch. B) it was a bit of diarhea. I'm just wondering if she could maybe have a UTI or maybe just ate something that didn't agree with her? Very worried. She is my child, so I freak out at the little things! any advice is welcomed! thanks everyone!

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    DefaultRe: possible peeing while asleep???

    It could be a UTI. I would take a sample to the vet to be sure.

    Catch the first sample of the a.m. before any food or water and catch it in mid stream for best results.

    Good luck.


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