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    My 13yr old lab had her first shot of adequan today for stiffness in her hips.

    My question is do I still give her the glucosamine and MSM as well?

    She is booked into have 2 shots per week for 4weeks.

    Has anyone had success with these shots?? How long does it take to see some results.??

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    DefaultRe: adequan

    I have my girl, Libby, on Adequan injections (I give them at home) and have since she had surgery on both elbows for elbow dysplasia at about 6 months of age. We started on 2 x's/wk for 4 wks, then weaned down to 1 x/wk for 4 wks, and now I usually only give 1/month or so, if that, depending on her activity level. I find that it wasn't necessarily a noticeable difference to begin with, but she is definitely sore if she doesn't get her Adequan one month and we end up playing at the beach or whatnot sometime near the time when she's due for her injection. We have both dogs on glucosamine (Cosequin DS)- Libby is on it and has been on it since puppyhood, and we just started Monty on it as he started to reach full size, as kind of a "preventative" thing for any joint trauma he may endure doing crazy backflips into the pool or doing somersaults doing land retrieves during hunt test training.

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    DefaultRe: adequan

    Adequan didn't work on my dog but worked wonders on my horse and my brothers Newf. I guess it really depends on the joint and the arhritis... It's an expensive thing to try but what can you do when you're trying to do the best for your buddy? My mare wouldn't eat supplements in her food so she was initially on adequan alone. When an injury forced me to give bute orally twice a day, I worked the joint supplements into the mix. She's off bute now and galloped for first time in 4 definitely keep up the supplement.


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