5 year old limping after getting up...
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Thread: 5 year old limping after getting up...

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    Default5 year old limping after getting up...

    Hi everyone,
    I used to post on this board when Phoebe was a young pup, but haven't been here in a long time. Anyways, Phoebe will be 5 next month and has been a very healthy yellow lab. She weighs about 70+ pounds, and gets daily exercise for the most part.

    About a week or so ago (or maybe longer than that, but disregarded it when I saw her shake it off and walk normally afterwards) noticed when she got up from laying down, and she would start off limping on her front left paw. I feel and look around her leg and see no insult and she exhibits no discomfort whatsoever. Once she is up for a minute, she snaps out of it, and walks as usual. She has been exercising normally, and doesn't limp at any other time.

    Do any of you have any experience as far as what this could be??? I am worried about her as I haven't seen her injure herself in the past weeks that would cause this.

    I appreciate any input you may have.


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    DefaultRe: 5 year old limping after getting up...

    If it's in her paw, it could be as simple as a bruised or cut pad or something stuck between the toes. Or a broken/cracked nail. Or a overextended toe. Or a sprain. I'd feel around and if she reacts, you'll know.

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    DefaultRe: 5 year old limping after getting up...

    I would rest the dog for a week and then gradually increase exercise. If it does not go away while resting her or If it comes back, I would go to the vet. Could be paw, elbow, shoulder or even the neck.

    Also - did you check her pads very closely. The smallest cut or abrasion could cause her to limp. Check the veiwable and non-viewable portions of the paw. My dog has what i call a small scrape and it bothered him for a week, it was on the big pad on the inner-side of it.


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