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    DefaultQuestion about allergy testing

    I'm worried for Peanut, and I'm wondering if it's worth getting her tested, if that will even help.

    She gets very pronounced hives/swelling, mostly around her face/neck area, but they have been on her legs and torso at times in the past. It was very very bad in the early spring, she had to go on benedryl and prednisone just to control the swelling. She progressively got better, but got hives again the last few days, they will come and go rather quickly.

    I know that it is more than likely *something* environmental, as she reacted at my mom's house as well as the cottage. I would just hope that if I knew what it was, I could hopefully keep her away from it (a certain kind of plant or something...?)

    So what kind of allergy testing would be recommended in her situation? Has anyone had any luck with blood tests vs. scratch tests? Is one better than the other or does it depend on what the allergy is or how it expresses itself..?

    Any info would be great, Thanks!
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    DefaultRe: Question about allergy testing

    Kate, our vet said that the scratch test is the "gold medal" for enviro allergy tests. You can have blood drawn as well, and have that tested (I think it's a Heska? test). By no means exhaustive, but it might give you indications of what she is reacting strongly with.

    I was quoted $250 for the Heska enviro test. There's a food one as well.

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