Not eating today??
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Thread: Not eating today??

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    DefaultNot eating today??

    So today is pretty hot here in Maine and Denali's front canines and some side teeth are coming in, and this am he did not eat his breakfast, and when I went home at lunch he didnt eat any of it either...I should say that my wife said he did eat a little this am just not all of it. He is in our room which is has A/c and he seems to be acting normal other then he didnt eat today. Is it because his teeth hurt ? and or should I call the vet....oh I should mention that we have made the change to wellness.

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    DefaultRe: Not eating today??

    It could be a combination of the heat & sore teeth. I would just keep an eye on him ans see how he acts. I think my girls would slow the eating when they were loosing teeth & getting their adult teeth in.

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    DefaultRe: Not eating today??

    Yep, I agree with georgie. Try adding just a tad of water to the food and see if it helps.

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    DefaultRe: Not eating today??

    Glad i see this coz Jazz has not been eating to well it has been hotting than normal. How old are puppies normally when they lose there teeth?
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