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    I have 18 month old lab that recently got into a bag of trash and ate all kinds of food he shouldnt have. He has been acting normal and eating fine until yesterday morning but recently has been throwing his food up right after eating. If hes not better by Monday I will make a trip to the vet but was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions. I also dont know if hes pooping normal since I havent been feeding quit as much since the incident and he tends to poop in the woods when he does go, he likes to hide it. Thanks in advance.

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    You definately should follow him this evening and check to see he is actually pooping. If he is not, or he appears to be straining to go, then this could be signs of a bowel obstruction which is an urgent issue. My last lab had 5 bowel obstructions...one caused him to perforate his bowel in two places and he had to be in intesive care for several days.

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