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    Hey everyone!

    I got a question about first heat. Martta is now 8 mo old, hasn't been spayed, although I am considering it after the first heat as I don't plan on having puppies in the future. (Spaying isn't required here in Finland, or necessarily that common, since they don't have a big rescue problem etc here.). The vets mostly tend to recommend spaying after the first heat cycle.

    I was a kid since we last had a dog, so my memory is kinda fuzzy. The question I got is about the symptoms. I've read about the swelling, the possible temper change, marking etc. Some people say that their dogs keep themselves so clean during heat that you hardly notice it. I would think with a Lab the bleeding would be noticeable in any case. The only thing that I have noticed really is that she is starting to mark more on our walks. No sign of blood on the sheets or anything, as she sleeps on my bed part of the night.

    About a month ago, however, when at the dog park, this little terrier male seemed interested in Martta and tried to mount her (good luck trying ), she didn't really even pay attention after the couple of times she snapped at him, just sat down or went away. But a week ago, as we were at the dog park again, a Lab male tried to mount her again and again, she snapped him off and went away. The other males just sniffed her but didn't try anything. There was a brief moment as a bunch of the dogs went to another fence and I noticed the Lab trying again. Martta snapped at him and then lay down in the cool sand on her side.

    I was thinking, might I have missed noticing the heat or was the male just being "hyperactive"? That there isn't a likely "accident", that happened during the short 20 or so seconds the dogs were further away.

    Sorry if these seem dumb questions, but it's been a while. And I'm kind of nervous about the first heat. As it could take up to the year or more.


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    DefaultRe: First heat...

    Not dumb it's better to ask.
    With Mocha she had some noticable swelling a few days before the bleeding started. I think you will notice the blood when it starts or notice her licking a lot more. You can also just take a tissue when she first gets up and wipe her real quick and you should notice it then.
    The dogs at the park are probably just being obnoxious. Just watch her when you do see those signs make sure to keep her on lead at all times when she's out of the house for at least three weeks to prevent her from getting pregnant.
    <br />Barbara, Mocha, Zeus, &amp; Smeagol

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    DefaultRe: First heat...

    Thanks for the reply and advice .


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