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    I have a 6 month old girl and she went to the vet a month ago and got her second set of shots, rabies ect. How many shots or vaccinations does she need. I was also wondering when she should be spayed, the vet told me she could do it now, is that too young ?

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    Boy, you're asking about probably the biggest two hot-button topics here!

    It depends on where you are, where you got your puppy from, what shots were given before you got your puppy, etc. But generally at 6 months old, a puppy should be "done" with their puppy shots. The best person to ask is your vet. They have your dog's medical record, so they know which shots have already been given and what, if any, boosters are still needed.

    I would say she's certainly old enough to be spayed now. There are others on here who will disagree with me. There are many advantages to spaying a female dog before her first heat - not the least of which is not having to worry about an accidental breeding. It also reduces her risk of mammary cancer later in life, and their risk of pyometra (infection of the reproductive tract), which CAN occur on her first heat. There are disadvantages to spaying a dog early, but 6 months does NOT medically qualify as an "early" spay.

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