Diarreaha in the house!!!
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Thread: Diarreaha in the house!!!

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    DefaultDiarreaha in the house!!!

    She had it twice in the bedroom last nite. Her poops have been fine and then last nite two times she did it. She eats Innova LBP and i added alittle bit of eggs and a few pieces of cheese to it. Could that have caused the diarreaha? She just went now it is alittle more formed but smells!!! I just put the usual in her breakfast which is a teaspoon of organic yougurt and sprinkled some eagle pack probiotics on it to help her stomach. Should i go to the vet or wait it out?

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    DefaultRe: Diarreaha in the house!!!

    It could very well be the egg/cheese that upset her tummy. I'm assuming she's been on the Innova for a while now?

    As far as the diarrhea, I would fast her (but allow water) for at least 12 hours, and then small (very small) meals of boiled rice at first, then boiled rice and boiled chicken/hamburg (with the fat drained) until you get at least a few good poops. Then slowly transition her back to the Innova.

    If she's not drinking (ie. in danger of getting dehydrated and pups go faster than adults) or if she still has diarrhea after a few days, I'd take her to the vet.

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    DefaultRe: Diarreaha in the house!!!

    Maybe Giardia? That is way stinky diarreaha...not that diarreaha is not stinky on it's own...but with Giardia it's 1000 times worse. Was she at the dog park recently? Or in any different environments than normal?

    Also, I would invest in a small steam cleaner (for carpets)...worth every penny

    Hope the pup feels better soon.

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    DefaultRe: Diarreaha in the house!!!

    I would DEFINITELY get your pup to the vet.. if it's worms, you should probably get that taken care of quickly.. some of them can be contagious!

    Abbey used to be on Evo Red Meat, not the puppy food, but her stools were VERY loose until I cut the amount of food down. If none of the other things are causing it, try cutting her food down. It's very rich in nutrients (at least the red meat type is).


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