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    My 6 year old black lab Gracie woke up Sunday morning with a very bad looking eye. Her third eye was extremely red and swollen up almost over her pupil. After a couple of vet visits, today I went to a vet opthalmology office and she was diagnosed with Horners syndrome. I was wondering if anyone else has had a dog with this.

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    I have, but in a much older lab-- over 12 yrs. It went away on its own in a couple weeks in my case. She had Laryngeal paralysis, and I believe it was linked to that as both are neurological issues.

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    Yes. My handsome black boy Clint was diagnosed with Horner's back when he was 6 years old. My regular vet didn't know what it was and sent us home with all kinds of medications for his eye. We set up an appointment with the eye vet the following day and that evening I Googled his symptoms and came up with Horner's and sure enough the following day I impressed them with my correct diagnosis! She said that it can be caused by trauma to the nerve in the neck that feeds the eye and the day it happened I had taken him the pond where he crashed through wooded thickets many times.

    Anyway the treatment was easy - nothing. In about two weeks his eye was significantly better and after a month it was barely detectable. He is now 10 1/2 years old and the only lasting effect was a very slight difference between the two eyes - only I can tell. The affected eye is a little sunken and the bottom lid a little droopy. Here is a photo - can you tell?


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