Lucky was diagnosed as having severe anxiety and seperation anxiety after her yearly checkup at the vet. She had actually slipped her collar trying to avoid going in there and I had to go over to her and slip the leash over her and just pull her in without stopping (per how the vet told me to bring her in) she was so anxious/scared she urinated all over the floor. I explained to him how much she had changed in the last six months and he diagnosed it as anxiety and seperation anxiety and prescribed the Clompiramine Hydrochloride. We hadn't given her any because we weren't sure how we felt about giving her a mood adjuster to fix the problem.

We took sam our new puppy to the vet today with Lucky and Happy in tow. Sam ended up having round worms, so we had to have both her and Happy tested for them as well and we had the same reaction as we did six weeks ago so we decided to give her one of her pills. The vet told me they would mellow her out..but this is insane. This dog is like a terrier on crack and now she's so lethargic and drooling. She looks like she's having a hard time falling asleep. She went to get a toy to play with me, but the puppy and Happy wanted to play too and she just let them take the toy and she just went and laid back down, that is totally not like her at all. We feel so guilty about giving her the pill in the first place and I wish I had just stuck to my guns and not given her anything now.

Does anybody have any experience with the anxiety or the pills or both?

We bought her two crates, per a trainers advice, one for the living room that she can go into whenever she wants and when company is over. (She barks and won't go near people who come in the house with the exception of my mother and my brother in law, she will go up to them and ask to be petted). We're trying to take more walks and make them longer but with all this rain and stormy weather that's been difficult. The trainer also suggested a lot of tug of war play which we've been doing.