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Thread: Food quick?????

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    DefaultFood quick?????

    I switched my two over to purina pro plan chicken about 3 weeks ago. My girl has been having ear problems. I thought I read on here somewhere that it takes longer for the food to cause reactions.
    I switched because I found that I was feeding them the worst food ever...pedigree and I have noticed we are not having any stomach problems.
    First I had them on taste of the wild and they loved it , but my husband didn't like the price :'(
    Since I have two over 90 pounds, it was quite expensive, so I thought I would try Pro Plan.
    Do you think it could cause ear problems this quick. I don't see anything in them.

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    DefaultRe: Food quick?????

    Yes, you could be seeing reactions that quickly.

    Go back to the taste of the wild. For 2 90 lb dogs, you should only be feeding 1c. two times a should last you a month just fine. I feed EVO and I feed less of it to my boys...yes, it's expensive, but worth it for the amount we feed and the size of the poo.
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    DefaultRe: Food quick?????

    I'd also go back to TOTW. As you will feed less than the other so it equals out. Much better food too IMO.

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    DefaultRe: Food quick?????

    The Purina has corn gluten meal (2nd ingred), whold grain corn and corn bran in it.

    Could very well be the culprit and if your dog has an issue with corn it could show up this quick.

    It also has poultry by-product meal in it. What kind of poultry I wonder?

    I would go back to the TOTW or another food with better ingred. than the Purina.


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