Bladder/kidney infection
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Thread: Bladder/kidney infection

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    DefaultBladder/kidney infection

    Nutmeg has a bladder/kidney infection that started Saturday. I happened to have just enough pills left from 8 months ago when she had the same thing so I was able to get through the weekend. She does have blood and I even saw a blood clot yesterday. Yes, she will be going to the vet first thing this morning. She acts normal, eats all her food, walked a mile yesterday, etc.

    My question, I have read where some people use 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar for bladder infections ... both human and dog. Has anyone tried this????

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    DefaultRe: Bladder/kidney infection

    Sue, no advice, but maybe post also in Raw/Holistic... you might get more replies there?

    Hope Nutmeg is feeling better soon!
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    DefaultRe: Bladder/kidney infection

    SUE!!!! Well, hello there!! Did you get my email? Huh, missy? Didja?

    What seems to help Cinder is Cranberry tablets. I give her three a day. She usually finds them if I drop them in her food, but I can put them in a piece of cheese or just drop it down the hatch. Of course when I do that she gets that freaky grimace that looks like an evil smile and I have to keep her head up until she swallows. LOL I just bought them at Walgreens. I've never tried the apple cider vinegar, or heard of it. Let me know if it works.

    Good to see you!!!

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    DefaultRe: Bladder/kidney infection

    I have also heard of the vinegar but I would go with the cran caps for sure.. Hope she is feeling well soon. Alot of people talk about the cran caps and probiotics too..

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    DefaultRe: Bladder/kidney infection

    Hey Sue!! So glad to see you!
    I have heard of both; the ACV and the cranberry pills. Glad you have some antibiotics to get started with.

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    DefaultRe: Bladder/kidney infection

    No advice... but Nutmeg has my good thoughts
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    DefaultRe: Bladder/kidney infection

    Both cranberry caps and ACV are helpful in preventing a UTI.

    However, if the infection is severe enough you may need antibiotics to nip it in the budd first.

    Also expired antibiotics are no longer any good. Certain drugs last beyond their expiration dates but antibiotics do not.

    Hoping this is not a severe case - the blood in urine may indicate it is - and that you can get it cleared up quickly.

    If you must go on an antibiotic I would be giving probiotics (live organism) during meds (2-3 hours before or after med dose) and continue for a few weeks after meds are finished to put good bacteria back in that the meds kill off.


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