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    Defaultyeasty ears cause

    What causes yeasty ears? Diet or environment or both?

    Any help other than meds to keep it from re occuring?

    I have heard the vit C and or plain yogurt also helps.


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    DefaultRe: yeasty ears cause

    Personally I would eliminate yeast from the diet, if they aren't injesting it it can't cause problems.
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    DefaultRe: yeasty ears cause

    Here is a good article on yeast:

    Henry was plagued with the most awful yeasty ears when he was a pup... after it was finally confirmed by culture (after rounds and rounds of antibiotics that didn't work), I changed his diet... and we went to raw. I had been giving him tons of baby carrots and fruit as rewards.... exacerbating his yeast problem. Within 2 weeks of switching to raw, his ears cleared up and haven't been a problem since.

    Not saying that you have to go to raw, but if you read the article and scroll down near the bottom, it has suggestions of foods to avoid (grains, starchy vegetables, large amounts of dairy, fruits) and ones that you can add in to a commercial diet.

    Good luck!


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