FYI - heartworm in GTA
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Thread: FYI - heartworm in GTA

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    DefaultFYI - heartworm in GTA

    my vet has never had a positive heart worm test (yes there have been others in the GTA) last week had TWO positives

    the lab tells her that most clinics are getting the occasional positive now

    this might not be the year to skip the test or try any alternative treatments if you are in southern Ontario

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    DefaultRe: FYI - heartworm in GTA

    I did not know, until recently, just how far heartworms have spread over the past few decades. They continue to expand further north and west from the Gulf Coast region of the US where that used to be the only place it was of major concern. There was an article in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases that was discussing this, they're testing coyotes to determine their infection rates and even the Northern states are seeing an increasing number of coyotes with heartworms. They're saying wild canids are a big reservoir for the worms during the winter months when the mosquitoes die off.

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    DefaultRe: FYI - heartworm in GTA

    Good to know!

    Henery was just in for his HW test... negative, thank goodness. We're due to start Interceptor June1st, and I'm actually going to keep him on it year-round due to his worm issues!! Blech!


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