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    Hello all,
    I have been a lurker for a little while but I had something come up with my lab that prompted me to join.

    Zeus is a four year old yellow male who has had some food allergies as well as seasonal allergies to some grasses and/or weeds. Zeus spent the weekend in Northern Wisconsin. They came home last night and the first thing that I noticed were Zeus' eyes. The second was a deer tick between his groin and back leg. It will be a long summer.

    Back to the eyes. I have never seen anything like it and I have been searching google. The inside corners of both eyes are inflamed. It almost appears as though he has a growth on each corner. It is not cherry eye as it is definitely the skin that is affected and not the third eyelid.

    I am thinking that it is some sort of allergy to something that he came in contact with. I flushed his eyes last night and they look quite a bit better this morning but they are still a bit inflamed.

    We have a vet appointment later this afternoon. I was just curious if anybody else had experienced something like this with their lab.

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    DefaultRe: Eye Swelling

    If there is any yellow discharge from the eye it could be conjunctivitis.

    Or an allergic reaction to something.

    Flushing was good to do. I use warm sea salt water - had great healing properties.

    What did the vet say?


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