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    Well she has a turned vulva. That is why she is squatting so much when she is outside. The urine sample was fine but when he checked her he found that her vulva is twisted and that is why she feels like she has to go all the time. Not all of her urine is coming out when she goes and then she gets irritated down there and licks. She has surgery next Wed. He said she would feel much better afterwards. Anyone hear of this before? Please keep Abby in your prayers next Wed. I am getting nervous. Thanks.

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    DefaultRe: Abbys vet update

    How old is Abbey? Has she had her first heat cycle? Is she spayed?

    I have never heard of a turned vulva. Are you sure this is not a recessed vulva? If so and she is still intact - I would absolutely not have surgery done.

    First heat cycle will usually correct this condition and no need for surgery.

    There is a chance your vet is giving the RV condition a different name and if she is still a pup and intact vet should in no way be doing surgery till after first heat.

    I have had 3 recessed vulvas and all corrected on first heat.

    I am not on the board much so if you have questions please PM me so I will get it thru my email.


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