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    I want to take a urine sample to the vets tomorrow to check for a bladder infection in Abby. I know the A.M sample is best but I cant take it in until after work. Do I just put it in fridge until I take it in?

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    DefaultRe: Urine Sample

    Good question! You could just take the sample in the AM and put it in the fridge then call the vet during the day to see what they recommend.

    My vet doesn't let me bring in a sample. They take it themself
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    DefaultRe: Urine Sample

    fresh is more important then early ...

    if you have to go home and grab the end of day one thats better then an older sample

    some vets aren't too happy to let you get the sample yourself- make sure whatever you use to collect the sample is sterile

    good luck

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    DefaultRe: Urine Sample

    Call in the morning and ask if they will accept a collected sample, some vets will insist that they collect from the dog.

    I would take the sample from the pee she does when you first let her out after getting home. That way they can check the concentration and such as well, and it's similar to the AM one in terms of time "brewing".
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