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    I have a ton of questions about spaying and neutering Labs, but I will try to keep it to just a few short easy to answer Q's. It has been a while since I have had a dog, and it seems that there is a world of new info about things such as this. What age is best to neuter a male Lab? What about spaying your female? I had been researching Great Danes and learned in that process it is best to wait until the pup is about 18 months old to neuter a male Dane, due to the hormones help with the fusion of the growth plates (at least that is how I understood it). Labs are not giant breeds, but they are quite large, should the same rules apply to a Lab? Would you wait the same amount of time for a female? I would rather not wait if I were to get a female, as I would want her altered before her first heat. I'll leave it at this for right now, but any input on the subject is welcome.

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    I think you will find alot of different answers on this subject. My breeder told me to wait until she has had her first heat or serious health problems can occur. Some people do it before first heat or around 6 months old. I prefer to wait that is just my opinion. as far as males not sure!! i think waiting for them also so they grow to their full potential. if you can wait, i would..

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    You will get a variety of answers on this question. There is literature for both sides of the coin! But good for you to start the research before bringing the pup home!!

    Here are links to just some of the numerous discussions on the topic so far. You will see there is unfortunately not consensus.,72680.0.html,63194.0.html,27097.0.html,21285.0.html,53231.0.html,27328.0.html,27023.0.html

    Not saying these are the best links, but some info online
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