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    OK, I really don't want to beat a dead... worm... *snicker*, but Panacur for roundworms....

    I was given 3 syringes of Panacur for Henry... one syringe to be given every 24 hours for the next 3 days. Then, a follow-up fecal in 4 weeks.

    For some reason I *thought* Panacur was a two-time treatment thing? Like 3 days treatment, 2 weeks off, then 3 days treatment again? or does it depend on what it's treating (eg. giardia, which would make sense)?

    I only question this because we didn't see our regular (and trusted) vet all this weekend, and not even her associates.. info was just relayed via the vet techs.

    Henry is due in to see our regular vet on the 16th, which would be before he would start his 2nd treatment anyway, so I will ask her then, but was just wondering if any of you have had experience using Panacur for rounds and what your protocol was.

    Thanks, in advance!

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    DefaultRe: Panacur question...

    Usually it is a two time treatment for anything since you want to get the eggs before they hatch in a couple of weeks. Call your regular vet tomorrow.


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    DefaultRe: Panacur question...

    Thanks, Laura!!


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