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    I've been feeding this dog food to Sammie for about 6 months. His stools are great and his weight has stayed constant. I want to go back to Innova Evo but I don't want to go through the loose stool/vomiting episode again.

    Who is is feeding California Natural? I've heard comments like its not a complete enough food and it causes plaque on teeth. Sam gets a weekly marrow bone and little rawhides daily--his teeth seem fine.

    The whole raw thing just puts me off a little....but I think it would be the very best thing for him. Any one else on that fence?


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    How old is your pup? I never fed cal natural but i have heard a few things about it, like you said. The raw thing i can't get myself to do it either and i don't know if it's the very best... i question nutrients on the raw but then i know nothing about it!! I am feeding Orijen. A reputable breeder that i have know of feeds raw so i called her and asked about it, i told her i was feeding orijen and she said it's the closest thing to raw but in a kibble. I don't know about EVO watch the calcium if your dog is under a year on EVO. And switch slowly as i am sure you know!! Pumpkin in the can works for loose stools just a little. Hope this helps.

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    I feed my guys Calif. Natural and it's been great. Never heard that it causes plague!! My guys have nylabones and bones they chew on to help prevent plague.


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