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    DefaultFood Choice for Smelly Dog

    Not an unusual smell. Just smells like DOG! When you walk in my house you know I
    have a dog (well, 2...but only one of them smells.) I've taken stock in Febreze!!
    I've been reading previous posts and it looks like if I did my homework correct, I
    should feed NO CORN, NO WHEAT. Something like Solid Gold Wolf King.
    Here's my dilemma. Small town, not many choices. No Solid Gold Wolf King.
    I have seen ProPlan, Nutro, Natures Variety (way expensive out here), Chicken Soup. Blue Seal.
    And then your normal grocery store premium varieties such as IAMS.

    Can you list some names of food that you use or know of that do not contain corn &/or wheat?
    Hopefully I'll be able to find it near here.

    Thank you...thank you ....thank you.

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    DefaultRe: Food Choice for Smelly Dog

    These are good foods and don't contain corn, wheat or soy.

    California Natural
    Eagle Pack Holistic

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    DefaultRe: Food Choice for Smelly Dog

    I think our TRS store will carry Diamond Naturals. (But wasn't this brand a major recall not too long ago?)
    And what's the difference between lamb, chicken or beef? Just a taste preference? One better over the other
    in coat appearance & smell?
    They also have Nutro, but I really want to try something new.
    I've had her on Nutro, but she still smelled. I do believe it is a ear/paw type smell. She's also prone to
    yeasty ears & a great bout of mange last year (some fur still hasn't grown back) But ears are clear right
    now & she still has the "dog" smell to her.

    Luckily my other lab can eat just about anything & remain with a perfect velvety coat.
    He just goes along for the ride with us on finding the perfect food.

    Thank you again!

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    DefaultRe: Food Choice for Smelly Dog

    There is nothing wrong with corn or wheat if your dog isn't sensitive to it.


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    DefaultRe: Food Choice for Smelly Dog

    Are you sure it's from his coat and food? Have you checked his mouth, ears, feet, and belly for any signs of infection or redness or rash that could be causing the odor. A yeast infection will stink, sometimes they will get something stuck between teeth that will rot and stink. Does a bath help the odor after they are dry or is it still there? You don't want to bathe real often but once a month or so is fine if needed as long as you use a dog shampoo. You can also try a mixture of 50/50 listerine/water and spray it on them and wipe off the excess it helps neutralize odor without harming their coat.
    Has this been a constant problem as long as you've had the dog or is it a more recent occurance? Sorry lots of questions just trying to see if there might be another cause.
    I think ProPlan or Diamond Naturals would be my coices from what you've listed. I don't think it's necessary to avoid corn or wheat unless you know your dogs don't handle it well I just try to make sure it's not the main ingredient in the food. As far as Chicken, Lamb, or beef I would start with a Chicken based as long as the dog handles it well I can't remember the exact reason I think it's digested easiest. I use Lamb because one of my labs does better on it (her ears/paws get yeasty on chicken).

    I would menion it to your vet too they may have some suggestions for you too.


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