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    Hello....I have a 4 year old lab (Riley) that has just recently been having seizure like symptoms. My wife was just with him in the living room when he was sleeping. Then all of a sudden he couldnt stand up and his limbs were shaking. She couldnt get him up and his eyes (she says) were like staring off into space. This lasted about 2-3 minutes. She called me at work and I had her call the emergency # to the vet. They told us we could possibly wait till morning to take him in for tests, or if it happens again to bring him in tonight. Has anyone experienced this before, and if so, what should we be prepared for?

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    Keep in mind that i am not a doctor, but, your dog could have been in a deep sleep and having a dream. If he had a busy or unusual day that could be it. you would be suprised at how deep they can sleep. Some people can sleep with there eyes open.

    Bring her to the vet in the morning,again, if she has another similar incident you might want to bring her to the emerge just incase. but if she hasn't shown signs before it might not be anything serious.

    good luck!

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    My dog has the same symptoms. He has been having seizures since he was 2 yrs old & he is now almost 8 yrs old. The doctor ran a bunch of tests on him & now he is on Phenobarbital to help control them. He has to go in every few months & have his blood checked to ensure that he is on the proper dose. The Phenobarbital has worked wonders for Rusty. He very rarely has seizures any more (Knock on Wood!).

    I would bring Riley into the vet and have blood work done on him. I really hope that it isn't seizures. I know that they can be scary. Best of Luck!

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    There are several labs on here that have seizures. I don't have one of them so I'm just going off what they have said.
    Keep a log of exactly when they happened, how long it lasted, what they were doing before, during, and after, and anything else that might help you find a common link to what is causing them. Take this to the vet when you see them. I would try to video tape one too if you can so the vet can see what is going on.


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