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    Okay so on Muppets... Lady region she has got some red spots, they look like bites, they lead from way down there to a little bit further up between her legs, but only in the area which has little hair... Could these be bites from a flea she has picked up? She is licking them a lot and itching a little more than usual.

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    This is a copy of a post I've usually made on this topic:

    My YF Puff used to get red zits over her belly and I didn't realize that they morphed into brownish splotches on her pink skin that at first I mistook for smears of dirt. (Many were close to where her privates would be if she had any)

    We "vet doctor" at K-State's CollVetMed Tchng Hospl. Our excellent vet there, a diplomate (highest level) in internal medicine, prescribed antibiotics the first time as well as the next 2X recurrences shortly after. Each time, she took & lab tested some scrapings and said it was a staph infection.

    On Puff's 4th time in about 5 months, I asked to see a dermatologist. She concurred it was staph and thought it was caused by Puff's running in the nature preserve early each morning, getting dew on her belly, and that picking up pollen, dust, etc., caused the irritation and staph.

    She Rx'ed a 4th round of antibiotics but after that had me use a medicated shampoo (benzoyl peroxide) on Puff's belly after each exposure followed by 3X/week as needed. (An OTC benzoyl peroxide shampoo is available on -- probaby NOT as powerful as the Rx version, but maybe helpful, nevertheless).

    That really helped and we've had no problem the last 4 years. Also, I began taking Puff swimming after her early morning walks (which flushes off pollen and detritus) and thoroughly drying her (which also helps and which she likes better than the swimming -- Puff calls me her "Sweetish Masseur" )

    Don't know if it's the same but could be ??
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    DefaultRe: Red Spots HELP

    My guess would be a staph infection but I would have the doctor check it out. Are the spots little or different sizes? Do they get kind of crusty after a few days?
    Mocha had a staph infection on her belly and girly parts a few years back it cleared up easily with some special shampoo and antibiotics.


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