Small white area on tail??
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Thread: Small white area on tail??

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    DefaultSmall white area on tail??

    Hi all well Denali is about 15weeks old and both his parents are chocolate (both were on premise) but we have noticed that on his tail about a quarter up from his rear there is a area that is a white. Its not that noticeable, but when we lift the hair to see if its just the tip of the hair its not its all of the hair including the roots. Is the normal, will it grow out and be completely chocolate. Thats the only area on him thats like that.

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    DefaultRe: Small white area on tail??

    My puppy is chocolate also. But.......she has like 4-5 white hairs on her chest. she also has some white hair on her belly. i bellieve it is normal.. the hair on her belly was all brown when she was about 2-3 months actually not really any hair on her belly. now that she is 6 months she has alot of hair on her belly and yes some of it is indeed white!!! I saw her mom and dad and both are completely chocolate too!!!


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