Worried about Jake's "mopey" behavior
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Thread: Worried about Jake's "mopey" behavior

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    DefaultWorried about Jake's "mopey" behavior


    Our other dog had a really bad case of kennel cough last week. Called the vet. He said to give him Robitussin and watch him for a few days. We did. He got even worse so the vet prescribed him antibiotics.

    We've been keeping a close eye on Jake to see if he got it, too. I think he has a mild case - a few "coughs" a day, especially if he overexerts himself. I am kind of just waiting it out since he doesn't seem to be too bad. He's been really "mopey" today.

    Usually at 6:30 he is waiting by the window for his "daddy" to come home. Instead, Jake just snuck into the bedroom and went on his bed. He is still there. He NEVER does this. Usually, he just lies down under my feet. At night, he REFUSES to go into the bedroom unless everyone is coming with him.

    Should I be worried? Or do you think maybe the cold is hitting him harder than I thought?

    I should mention he's been eating, drinking, and doing his business all within normal routine.

    And I'll tell you one thing, although I feel badly that he feels badly, our walks are so much better! He's too tired to engage in any leash aggression so I made sure to praise him all day for being so good


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    DefaultRe: Worried about Jake's "mopey" behavior

    I would keep an eye on him if he doens't want to eat or drink or gets any worse I would have the vet check him out. Hopefully it's just the KC and he's back up and running soon.

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    DefaultRe: Worried about Jake's "mopey" behavior

    IMO ask the vet how long he/she expects before your dog is acting normal...i would then, if that time passes without a huge return of 'normal', definitely request a full tick-borne panel to be done.
    the new ones are fast, [in-office] much cheaper, and find a range of problems, not just Lyme.]
    we have had ticks in New England thruout the winter for the first timei n my 59-year experience, so you can't rule them out!


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