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    I have to physically empty the sac's on my 1 year 4 month old BLK Lab/ Chocolate Lab mix neutered male.
    If i don't he'll lick and then the worst odor you can imagine Emmit's. We have a vet appointment in May. If anybody is familiar with the cause or a preventive measure to control it. PLEASE help!!
    Chuck S.

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    DefaultRe: anal sac

    I have no advice, but just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are dealing with this :vomit:

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    DefaultRe: anal sac

    Are his stools on the softer side? (not soft serve, but just not totally firm/dry). One of ours has this problem, and we have been giving more fiber. We add a bit of rice, or cooked plain green beans to bulk things up. I have read that because the stool is harder, it expresses the anal glands as it passes. Also, exercise helps in the same way. I found this info by googling, and just about all of the responses pointed to adding more fiber, and making sure to keep enough water available when doing so. I found a recipe on another lab forum, which I haven't tried, which uses oat bran. I can't put my finger on it now. Will post when I find it. Hope this helps!

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    DefaultRe: anal sac

    was also told by my vet and many around here that adding a tablespoon or so of plain canned pumpkin in their food helps... I have had the same issue with sami's glands, and just started this so hope it helps!

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    DefaultRe: anal sac

    Sometimes a change in food or adding fiber to a diet will help. Some dogs just have problems and need to have their glands expressed on a regular basis for their entire lives.

    BTW-There is no such thing as a BLK Lab/ Chocolate Lab mix. A lab is a lab. You breed a black and a chocolate, you still have a lab.

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    JustineNYC Guest

    DefaultRe: anal sac

    I read only professionals should do the expressing. Are you pushing from the outside or sticking your finger inside?

    I had one problem with my yellow and canned pumpkin did the trick. No more scooting.

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    DefaultRe: anal sac

    If you're feeding a raw diet, feeding whole pork necks once or twice a week is a very good preventative.


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