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    Hi guys

    Just a quick question regarding teeth. Is it normal for the larger teeth when coming through to bleed a little? Also did this put your dog off when eating. My chubby pudding normally eats really well, but he is off his food and feeling very sorry for himself. He is even off his treats.

    We have given him some frozen things today to chew and he is putting them to the back of his mouth to chew, but I do worry about him not eating very well. Poor babes

    o and he is also more naughty than usual.

    Amanda x

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    DefaultRe: Merlins Teeth

    Harlee's gums bled while she was teething, i dont think it is anything to worry about.

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    DefaultRe: Merlins Teeth

    Sorry to hear about your dog.
    If you want to feed, I would recommend putting his kibble through the blender and feed him the kibble flour mixed with some water.

    He will eat it without any problems.

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    DefaultRe: Merlins Teeth

    my pup is teething as we speak, she has lost 1 or 2 teeth daily the past 7 days. i have kept them all too!! and her gums do bleed when the new are coming in and her breath smells like old fish from the blood i guess? that's what i think the smell is from because thats when the smell started!!


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