Dog ate Aleve
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    DefaultDog ate Aleve

    Just a bit of info regarding an incident we had this weekend. Our dog Ruby wandered into the living room while I was doing dishes and was able to knock my wife's purse over. She was only out there for 30 seconds or so, but when I heard a commotion, I went in and she was burrowed into the purse and was playing with an Aleve tablet. I called the vet and she said this could be a very harmful thing for a dog. She specifically mentioned Aleve and Tylenol as being toxic for dogs.

    Anyway, she told us to induce vomiting by giving Ruby a tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide every 30 seconds until she threw up. So, we did, and sure enough after 4-5 minutes Rubes gave it up and threw up a few times. We never found a pill, but we were happy to play things safe instead of sorry.

    So, that was our fun little adventure. The first spoonful went down easy, because she didn't know what was coming. After that things were more interesting, but it was all for her benefit. Of course, she was bouncing around like nothing happened right after. Aren't dogs great?!

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    DefaultRe: Dog ate Aleve

    Glad to hear that the dog is OK, I bet it gave you quite a scare!


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