Multiple Meds - Allergies v Thyroid?
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Thread: Multiple Meds - Allergies v Thyroid?

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    DefaultMultiple Meds - Allergies v Thyroid?

    Murphy has been scratching more than usual lately and on Sunday,things turned ugly. Scratching was nonstop and his front armpits and groin were covered with raw red welts. Took him to the vet yesterday morning and they kept him for a few hours, took blood, knocked him out, ran all kinds of test. So far, they're saying he's allergic to house dust and sheep wool. Apparently food isn't the issue. They sent his blood out to be analyzed, something to do with his thyroid. He's on 3 medicines - simplicef, soloxone, and prednisone. Hoping it's just pesky allergies and not something wrong with his thyroid. He's almost 2 and had only minor health issues in the 19 months we've had him. I'm not pleased with giving him a steroid (prednisone) but the vet says he must take them. Has anyone else had experience with allergy v. thyroid or these types of meds? My husband took him to vet while I was at work and probably should have asked more questions, but got kind of freaked out by the whole situation. Thanks.

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    Hypothyroidism is fairly common and nothing to be afraid of. They live perfectly normal lives, one pill twice a day. Once his thyroid is under control, chances are the itching and allergy issues may go away. My last dog was allergic to house dust and he did not need to be on prednisone. Actually the allergist had wanted him on it, I did not. I talked to my vet and he felt he did not need to be on it and he did fine without it.


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