bad hip? bad leg?
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Thread: bad hip? bad leg?

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    Defaultbad hip? bad leg?

    Our 1 1/2 year old lab Bo, was outside in the yard playing yesterday when we heard a yelp. After checking him out, and him limping for a few minutes or so he seemed to be fine. Then in the middle of the night last night we wake up to him shrieking! He wouldn't put any weight on it and could barely get back to sleep.

    When he lays down though it is on his left leg, the one he is favoring. This morning he is better, limping a little, but nothing like last night.

    My guess is that he pulled a muscle and last night had some kind of a spasm. My husband thinks it is something wrong with his hip.

    Any ideas??

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    DefaultRe: bad hip? bad leg?

    Gee, sounds like an injury from his playing. But really no way to be sure.

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    DefaultRe: bad hip? bad leg?

    Sounds like an injury, could be his ACL or CCL, I'd get him to a vet.
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    DefaultRe: bad hip? bad leg?

    complete rest for at least a day, short leashwalks to potty and nothing more - if upon gradually increasing exercise, he begins to limp again - off to the vet.


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