Anyone know anything about warts?
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Thread: Anyone know anything about warts?

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    DefaultAnyone know anything about warts?

    I just found a small lump on Bailey's back paw. It's about the size of an eraser head. It's the same color as his paw skin (pinkish). It's hard. It looks like a wart, possibly. Should I be concerned? He doesn't seem to be effected by it, but I can't really tell because he hates me touching his feet anyway.

    It should be said that he developed a wart (I think it's a wart) on his bottom lip in March. The vet said to just keep an eye on it. He never got anymore on his mouth, and it didn't get any bigger. But, it's still there. Is it possible for him to have a wart on his lip and then spread it to his paw?

    Any thoughts?

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    DefaultRe: Anyone know anything about warts?

    Oral papillomas (warts in the mouth or on the lips) typically occur in dogs younger than 2 years, according to Giffin & Carlson, "Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook"** These usually remit spontaneously in a few months as the immune system matures. If they persist, they can be removed surgically.

    If that is a wart on the foot, infected there from the licking, it should remit about the same time as the one on the mouth.

    G&C make no mention of other types of warts in dogs.

    Possibly it's not a wart? Something to ask your vet the next time you see her/him.

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