Cross post from LC- Anyone run with their labs?
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Thread: Cross post from LC- Anyone run with their labs?

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    DefaultCross post from LC- Anyone run with their labs?

    Riley is now 20 months, and I took him for our first "real" run today. I had already run a few miles earlier today, so when I took him we only went about a mile. He seemed pretty tired by the end and seemed like he wanted to lay down if I would have stopped, but overall he did great!

    I'm sure he'll need to build up endurance just like anyone else, but for those of you who run with your dogs, what distance do you think is appropriate? Back when i was really into it, I was up to 6 or 7 miles daily with 10 mile runs on Saturdays. Is that too much for him eventually?

    Normally I run every day, but should I give him a day to rest between runs at first? I'm so excited we have something like this we can do together...running is one of my favorite things, and it would be so special for him to come with me.

    The funny thing is he's not great walking on a leash. He tends to pull unless he's got a prong or leader on. I did have the prong collar on when we ran today, but he never pulled at all. He just seemed so much more focused than when we walk.

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    DefaultRe: Cross post from LC- Anyone run with their labs?

    When I trail run , Angus runs with me off leash (which is more me running and him taking off into the woods and checking in every once in awhile). When I run in the neighbourhood he is on leash. He used to get tangled in my feet and I had one nasty spill tripping over him, but he's great now. Angus is great with 2.5km-5km


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