Okay....Speaking Of Anal Glands....
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Thread: Okay....Speaking Of Anal Glands....

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    DefaultOkay....Speaking Of Anal Glands....

    Seems to be a popular topic lately, so I'll ask my anal questions! For a little while now Breezy has been alternating between licking herself "down there" (front), and whipping her head around to bite herself "back there". Looks like she's trying to get to her butt, but can't. She is not doing any scooting. No weird or gross smells coming from said areas. Eating/pooping normal. No flea issue that I can tell. Could this be an anal gland problem? She has had them expressed (by the Vet) a few times already. Nothing big, just a little stuff each time.
    I feel bad if she is in discomfort. We are due at the Vet this Tuesday for her 2nd Lepto shot, so I will ask the Vet to check her glands then. Just wondering if it could be an anal gland thing, without any scooting happening!

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    DefaultRe: Okay....Speaking Of Anal Glands....

    The only times my dogs have had anal gland issues they were either scooting or licking their butts a lot. Can she just not reach her butt maybe? My pugs don't really bend that way, but they manage to when they realllllly want to lick their butt. And there is a distinct odor.

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    DefaultRe: Okay....Speaking Of Anal Glands....

    Milly didn't scoot - she just licked lots. And the smell is yucko!
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia


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